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Application Developer Lead (or Manager)

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Columbus, OH
$100,000 - $120,000
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Direct Hire
Bachelor of Science
Aug 22, 2012
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Must have strong technical depth,  leadership experience and strategic vision.

Need to have a thorough understanding of the Java programming language and the fundamentals of Object Oriented Design.  You should be able to comfortably debate philosophical differences to solving a problem from one approach to another.
Your teammates will be very strong from a technical standpoint and will help you to deliver the optimum solution.  You will work in a fast paced Agile / Lean environment which places the highest priority on time spent adding value and eliminating waste.  You will be engaged in understanding what your customers are asking of you and your system, you will be responsible for designing, building, testing, and assisting in the deployment of that solution.
You will be asked to further the learning environment on the team by assisting more junior resources and helping to establish a constantly changing set of best practices.
All work is conducted in 2 to 4 week development iterations.  Within each iteration you will participate in proposing the highest value items for the upcoming iteration, debating the best solution to deliver that value without adding to the technical debt of the system, design an architecturally sound solution, building the solution reusing as much existing functionality or open source toolsets as you can, testing the solution to ensure it has met it's acceptance critieria, and deploying that solution to the very-high-volume, business critical production environment.
Minimum of 8+ years of proven knowledge and experience in Java development
Expert in multiple technologies and design techniques as well as experience working across large environments with multiple operating systems / infrastructure 
Proficient in multiple business disciplines, functions and knowledgeable about the business' strategic direction
Broad knowledge of Object Oriented Design
Full understanding , value, and knowledge of the following::
Unit test driven development
Performance implications of your solutions (we have a very high volume environment)
Best practices of a Relational Database and how to access data efficiently, and how to build data models efficiently
Understanding of how to effectively manage source code
 Proven experience within the banking industry is desired, however, it is preferred that you can develop your solutions without a bias towards how "we've always done it."